Happy Valentines Day

Book Contract Signed

The process started in August, but it was only recently that I signed the contract with Apress. I’m on the hook to finish by April 10, 2017. I’m currently around the 55% mark. The remaining chapters are code-heavy, and much of that code has been written. So, I expect the 2-month deadline to be more than doable.

2nd and 3rd Apress Titles?

I’ve pitched two new ideas to Apress. One of the two was well-received - my Code Camps book, inspired by the games my students have created over the years. I’ll be pushing the other a little harder when I’m able to come up for air - another quick start guide, this time on 3D.

Happy Birthday, Zoe!

I just celebrated the 15th anniversary of my 30th birthday. And 11 days later, my eldest daughter turned 17. My, how time flies.

Back to the Books!

Well, I better quit with the yakking and return to the typing. April is coming up pretty fast.

— Joe