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Happy Valentines Day
February 14, 2017

Book Contract Signed The process started in August, but it was only recently that I signed the contract with Apress. I’m on the hook to finish by April 10, 2017. I’m currently around the 55% mark. The remaining chapters are code-heavy, and much of that code has been written. So, I expect the 2-month deadline to be more than doable. 2nd and 3rd Apress Titles? I’ve pitched two new ideas to Apress. One of the...

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Back To The Books
August 12, 2016

Back to the Books! After nearly a year without progress, I’ve started working on my MonoGame book again. I’ve pitched the idea to a few publishers and I have a volunteer for tech editing. It looks like this will be a self-published work, though. MonoGame just doesn’t have the same sex appeal as Unity. In fact, that’s the most common question when I present the idea – Why not use Unity? So, I’ll try to...

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Camp 2016
June 20, 2016

The Good It was another fun-filled and exhausting week at the annual #gamedev summer camp. 2016 brought 15 students, 1/3 of them female! This year brought several firsts: The first year breaking the 1-in-5 girl-to-boy ratio. The first year using MonoGame in place of Microsoft’s XNA. The first year using Xamarin technologies (in addition to Visual Studio). The first year using PS3 controllers (rather than Xbox 360 controllers). The first year that I blindly accepted...

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June 19, 2016

That New Site Smell! The redesign and relaunch of is pretty much complete. After 10 years at my previous web address, I sold my domain to the highest bidder and spent the money on an HTC Vive and some magic beans. The beans were delicious. After I update all my web accounts to use the new domain’s email address, I hope to post more and more content here. If I don’t, then this will...

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